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About the Clubhouse

The Oasis Clubhouse is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm. Members and visitors are welcome to drop in any time during business hours. Tours of the Clubhouse are also available by appointment for visitors or new members. The Oasis Clubhouse is member-run and our dynamic programming targets the unique needs of Transition Age Youth.

Membership Eligibility

Our Services are available to all Transitional Age Youth (TAY) who:

  • Receive mental health services

  • Are between 16** and 25 years old

  • Live anywhere in San Diego County

**(parent or guardian permission is required for those under age 18)

Our Member-Run Clubhouse provides:

  • Life Skills Training

  • Member-Run Oasis Council

  • Educational Assistance

  • Job Skills & Development

  • Peer Mentoring & Support

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Community Integration Services

  • Social & Recreational Activities

  • Mental Health Support & Linkage

  • Recovery Groups

  • Community Service Opportunities

  • Transportation Assistance

Our Mission

Working as partners with our members, the Oasis Clubhouse provides a safe, positive, and dynamic environment where Transition Age Youth (TAY) can learn valuable skills, give and receive support, connect with peers who have similar life experiences, and have fun!

The Oasis Clubhouse is member-run, and members are supported in identifying and utilizing individual strengths, talents, abilities, and interests. The Oasis Clubhouse is a “hate-free zone” where diversity is celebrated and valued. Our members are expected to respect self and others, and all members are encouraged to mentor one another and to “give back” to their community. Utilizing recovery values and peer support, the members and staff work side by side to foster skill development, mental wellness, enhance social support and build a brighter future. Remember, the Oasis Clubhouse is here for YOU!

Contact Us

3330 Market Street, Ste. C
San Diego, CA  92102


Phone: (858) 300-0470

Fax: (858) 300-0471

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