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Catalyst is an Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program. Catalyst provides full service partnership services to Transitional Age Youth (TAY) ages 16 to 25 with a serious mental illness, and who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in San Diego County. This recovery-focused program is also co-located with a consumer-run clubhouse offering a wide range of services designed to help each participant lead a meaning, self-sufficient life.

How Does ACT Work?

A Team Approach

Psychiatrists, nurses, mental health professional, employment specialists, peer support personnel and co-occurring specialists join together on ACT teams to give consumers ongoing, individualized care.

Services Provided Where They Are Needed

Consumers receive ACT services in their homes, where they work, and in other settings in the community where problems occur or where support is needed.

Personalized Care

ACT offers services that are customized to the individual needs of the consumer.

Time-Unlimited Support

ACT teams give consumers the services and supports they need for as long as they need them.

Continuous Care

Several ACT team members work regularly with each consumer.

Flexible Care
ACT teams fit their schedules around the needs of consumers.

Comprehensive Care

ACT teams provide an array of services to help meet consumer needs.

Services Provided When They Are Needed

ACT services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Someone is always available to handle emergencies.

What is ACT?

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) is a team-based approach to delivering comprehensive and flexible treatment, support and services.

ACT is an extensive service for individuals who experience serious mental illness. People who receive ACT services typically have needs that have not been effectively addressed by traditional, less intensive mental health services.

Catalyst’s ACT team provides comprehensive, individualized services in an integrated and continuous manner. Services are collaborative and recovery-oriented, and treatment includes: psychiatric assessment, medication management, individual supportive therapy, substance abuse treatment, co-occurring disorders treatment, supportive housing, resource linkage, advocacy, family psycho-education and therapy, supportive employment and education development, legal assistance, community integration services, peer support and group counseling.

The goal of Assertive Community Treatment is to assist people in achieving stability, independence and success.

Catalyst™ Eligibility

Client must meet two or more of the criteria:

  • Medical necessity must be established (face to face) to determine the presence of a severe psychiatric disability

  • Has current LPS Conservatorship (may be a designated County Conservator or family member (Private Conservator)

  • Minimum one hospitalization in the past year, OR multiple ER utilizations, PERT interventions, jail mental health service, and/or long-term care hospitalization

  • Have major impairments in life functioning

  • Person in not connected to outpatient treatment

  • Person is experiencing an acute psychiatric episode that might require SBCM level services

  • Is at high-risk of admission to an inpatient mental health facility

  • Has a substantial need for supportive services (including care coordination and outreach mental health services) to maintain current level of functioning in the community, as evident by missed appointment, medication non-adherence, or inability to coordinate services from multiple agencies

  • Does not have a case manager from another program who is able to address mental health needs


  • Be a San Diego county resident.

  • Medi-Cal eligible or indigent.

  • Be 16-25 years old.

  • Be an internal county referral for persons stepping down from a long-term care facility or a person on San Diego county’s high-utilizer list

  • Homelessness or at risk of homelessness

  • Level of acuity and need for intensive ACT services per LOCUS assessment (Level 4 -Medically Monitored Non-Residential Services)

Contact Us

7986 Dagget Street, San Diego CA 92111

Phone: (858) 300-0460

Fax: (858) 300-0461

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