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Individual & Family Services

What We Do

The Kickstart team assists youth and their families to build coping skills, reduce stress, and increase performance in all areas of the youth’s life. Consultations and assessments with trained professionals will determine whether an individual could benefit from Kickstart services.

Treatment includes 12 to 18 months of:

  • Multi-Family Groups

  • Psycho-Education/Problem-Solving

  • Individual/Family Psychotherapy

  • Psychiatric/Medication options

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Education & Employment Support

  • Nursing Services

  • Peer Support/Mentoring

  • 24 hour availability

  • Office and community based services

Myth: Teenagers don't suffer from "real" mental illnesses; they are just moody.

Fact: One in ten children and adolescents suffer from mental illness. Most severe mental illnesses start

Myths and Facts

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